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Texans Against Lawsuit Abuse Urges Texans to Remain Vigilant Against Lawsuit Abuse

AUSTIN, TEXASThe following statement regarding Texas’ inclusion on the “watch list” for the American Tort Reform Foundation’s 2023-2024 Judicial Hellholes® report should be attributed to Robert Wood, spokesperson for Texans Against Lawsuit Abuse:

“Texas is once again on the watch list of courts and jurisdictions where justice is not applied in a fair and just manner, threatening to undermine the state’s strong business climate and imposing unnecessary delays and costs for litigants.

“The Texas Court of Appeals for the Fifth District in Dallas has become well-known as a plaintiff-friendly venue due to a series of liability expanding decisions and the court’s failure to adhere to Texas Supreme Court precedent. The frequency of the Texas Supreme Court’s reversal of the Fifth Court is troubling.  

“Texas has long been a beacon for and leader in lawsuit reform, ensuring our courts are used for justice – not greed. It’s troubling to see Texas back on the Judicial Hellholes® ‘Watch List,’ signaling the need for Texans to remain vigilant in the fight against questionable legal practices.

“Texans Against Lawsuit Abuse and the Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse movement were founded in Texas, and our work remains ever necessary as this year’s Judicial Hellholes® report makes clear.”

To read the full ATRF Judicial Hellholes® report, visit To learn more about the work of TALA and the CALA movement in Texas, visit